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Homedigital marketing

Every social network strategy needs to be clear about the objectives. Without clear objectives, you simply can not advanced. You need to look carefully at the needs of your brand or business and decide how social networks will help meet those needs so you can work around that. Identify your potential customers and make the […]

Analyzing last year’s data we can verify the continuous growth of the use of internet through mobile devices. From 2012 to mid-2016, access to the Internet via mobile devices has gone from 11.1% to 30.5%, with the expectation that this value will continue to increase. New channels of visual communication have been made known, such […]

All brands have a history. However, this is not always visible or obvious to customers. Wonderful, untold stories can make the difference between a simple product and an inspiring product; Between any company and a company with meaning. That is what storytelling achieves in people. Storytelling has become popular in marketing as a tool to […]

In this year it is important that your brand is present in social networks, no matter if it is recognized or not. Social networks were created to eliminate these barriers in human interactive networks, to facilitate communication anywhere in the world and also as a long-term business. Social networks are an increasingly useful tool for […]

Interactive platforms today have become more necessary in our lives and we need to know the tools that are offered to get into the world of technology and news. The types of social networks that exist can be classified as follows: Global social networks, Professional networks, Personal networks, and Private networks. There is a single […]

Social networks were born to connect brands with their customers in a fun way, using content as the basis for the relationship and allowing them to approach their audience in a different way. With this in mind, when managing social networks, you will need a team that does good management, creates effective content, supervises all […]

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