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teachers Freinet European leaders: Olivier Francomme and Florence St. Luke Participants: 18 Bruno Andrieu (30) Carine Dick, Sven De SCHUETTER Antje Albredt, Petu Van Der Meubrugple Marleen Vermassen Armand De Meyer, Esther Luthi, Emilie Evrard Loic Boyer, Nicole Maillard Alain Joffre Sonia Bentag, Ramon Torres, Catherine Pattinier, Gitta Kovermann Gerald Schlemminger, Anaele Sourbes-Lapeyre Add a comment Read more What training policy for the international network of street workers?

By Catherine Chabrun 11/12/09 – 8:07 p.m. In: Gr Social Pedagogy research paper an article Training and research> Training Movements> Freinet movement> Social Pedagogy Jean Blairon Director of the association RTA at Namur (Belgium) For. address this question, I will use as a formula that has always guided my training reflection “political training is a training policy and vice versa.” Add a homework helper
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2 Results Opening of Nantes lounge by the GD 44 By Claude Beaunis on 11/04/11 – 9:55 In: Grand West Region> GD 44 – Loire-Atlantique reference text Education Fair Exhibition Introduction by the Group departement of Loire-Atlantique from a powerpoint assembly (available below) Add a comment Read more Enfantines: a collection to publish free texts by Juliet Gasselin the 08/09/10 – 11:13 in: Grand Region West> GD 35 -. Ille-et-Vilaine Gr reference text research Laboratory Arts> visual Arts French teaching techniques> free text We offer an example that can serve as model, entitled Enfantines in memory Freinet, which can be freely used and converted for your class.

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3 Results Know cultural identity by correspondence By Florence St. Luke 07/01/14 – 0:33 In: Region PACA> GD 83 – Var Gr International Congress rendered account> workshop Languages> Modern Languages ??Teaching Principles> Communication. > correspondence While I was responsible for the international sector of the ICEM, I presented a workshop “Know cultural identity by correspondence”, at the 43rd International Congress of the ICEM International de Valbonne center.

It was a particularly rich year for my CE1-CE2, Sollies-Pont, in the Var, with three classes of correspondents: one in Sweden, second in Australia and third in Gradignan. Add a comment Read more 2 attachments International Correspondence School, education for sustainable development, the social economy and cooperation: an example in Senegal By Florence St. Luke 18/08/09 – 6:38 p.m.

In: Gr . International International pedagogical principles> cooperation teaching Principles> communication> International correspondence Sector Icem the international school correspondence can work education for sustainable development, social economy, and cooperation. Martine Trinel (School of Millac) and Patrick Galland (Moussac) make us the minutes of a partnership experience with ricotta, Senegal, which led to the electrification of a school and a village.

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International Pedagogical Principles> Communication> International Correspondence Sector Icem CE1-CE2, school primary Frederic Mistral, ZAC Sainte Christine (83210 Sollies-Pont) Teacher: Florence SAINT-LUC January 23, 1994 Add comment Read more
Results 591-599 from 599 results Implementation and justification of cooperative structures in: school level> second degree> College The Breach For teachers review pedagogical principles> cooperation pedagogical principles> co> Consulting January 1983 The logic of our practices IMPLEMENTATION PLACE aND JUSTIFICATION Author: Alex Lafosse more practice and Freinet cooperative in theory: Research and Study Center University CEL for teachers review Geo History> History of the cooperative Life class citizenship pedagogical principles> cooperation > cooperative learning Principles class> cooperation January 1977 quarterly Review of the Research Center and technical exchanges University Freinet 2 Author: Michel Launay Read more from group dynamics to academic cooperation and self-management in: the educator CEL For teachers reviewed e teaching techniques> class organization> self pedagogical principles> Cooperation Teaching Techniques> group learning in January 1965 FREINET C. (1965), “From group dynamics to school cooperation and self-management,” in The educator No.

11, February 1, 1965, p1-6 Author Freinet more An episode of natural English method by Juliet Gasselin on 14/08/09 – 6:35 p.m. in: Gr Gr research Laboratory Modern Languages.. witness an article Arts> visual Arts Languages> Modern Languages ??teaching Principles> communication pedagogical principles> cooperation pedagogical principles> term-creation pedagogical principles> natural method teaching techniques> classroom organization> life class the following episode tells a story simple, could have happened anywhere, anytime. This is not a recipe, or a model, or a programmed device.

This is just one example lived, told to invite the reader to improvise in his class similar stories. 1 comment Read more The moderator of the day By Francois Le Menaheze the 12/11/09 – 24:41 In: Life of the cooperative class citizenship pedagogical principles> Cooperation Teaching Techniques> Classroom Organization> Life Class Sheet methodo for the facilitator of the day.

Add a comment Read more 1 attachment The record: The record methodo By Francois Menaheze the 12/11/09 – 24:35 In: Life of the cooperative class citizenship pedagogical principles> Cooperation Teaching Techniques> Classroom Organization> Life class a methodo sheet for the day check a comment Read more 1 attachment Congress Strasbourg – debate movie “the Lip, imagination in power” by Muriel Quoniam the 11/09/09 – 10:01 in: Congress report the Company pedagogical principles> cooperation “the Lip, imagination to power” Notes on the Christian Rouaud film by Raphael Doridant Add comment Read more Strasbourg Congress – ICEM / OCCE by Muriel Quoniam 28/08/09 – 1:55 p.m. in: Gr Child Rights report Congress Education teaching Principles> cooperation ICEM / OCCE: around the values ??of cooperation, what possible convergence for. common front of Childhood? Jean-Francois Vincent, former president of the OCCE The objective of this workshop was to bring together the energies of the two movements. Add a comment Read more Strasbourg Conference – Workshop “Hopscotch Network” By Muriel Quoniam the 27/08/09 – 11:40 In: Proceedings Congress has a website teaching Principles> Communication pedagogical principles> cooperation Add Comment Read more ” first

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1 result Results Portraits Rights of the Child By Katina Ieremiadis on 23/06/10 – 7:39 In: Gr Arts and Creations testimony Arts> Visual arts Life of the cooperative class citizenship pedagogical principles> Add Child Rights. comment Read more

Results 1 to 10 from 150 results for a citizen school in the measurement of all: children mediators in: Company> The New Violence Educator PEMF For teachers journal Education and Research> Knowledge of children> aggression, conflict pedagogical techniques> classroom organization> life of the classroom teaching techniques> clear messages October 2003 the school-Antoine Balard in Montpellier hosts nearly 200 children from a deprived area of ??the city. As in most schools, students are squabbling in the playground, and if nothing is done, the only solution that is likely to arise in them remains violence.

It is mainly to prevent rather than manage those situations that teachers and students have set up a mediation system. Author: Sylvain Connac More Schoolboy-viewer: What knowledge transfer? In: Image The New Educator PEMF For teachers journal Education and Research> Research Teaching Techniques> audiovisual equipment> television in September 2004 In November 1996, Maguy Chailley held in Nantes, at the Learning Lounge, a conference that we publish in two Parties in the numbers 161 and 162 New Educator.

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