How to use social networks in case of emergency

Knowing how to use social networks correctly when there is danger or emergency can save our lives.

A few terrible natural disasters have happened with thousands of tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, information, videos and images of all kinds, and thousands of shared feelings.

Social networks have served in minutes as a very fast channel of information. Faster than any other traditional media.

We leave you 3 tips on how to use social networks in case of an emergency

1- In case of emergency what social networks should you use?

  • In 2015, Facebook integrated an option called “Safety Check” that allows users near the emergency points to confirm that they are in a safe place.
  • Twitter is the social network that is able to save lives due to the immediacy with which the information will reach the security forces.
  • On instagram you can mount any number of photos and videos of short duration of the events and position the aid tag of the moment.

2- Manage the information in order

Social networks have, on the one hand, the advantage of managing information much more quickly than conventional media but, a disadvantage is that they may contain all kinds of rumors and false information.

Make sure that the information you get, comes from reliable sources and is totally truthful, then write from the most important to the least important, so your followers can get the specific and important information of what happened.

3- During and after the event

The hashtag can collaborate with evacuation officers to map the casualty and set priorities. They can provide valuable information and even save lives with the proper use of this tool.

The internet is ready, for any event in the world. Sites like Google have made their infrastructure available in the latest natural disasters, the search engine enabled a specific website to help find missing persons. This Google initiative comes together with the US Department of State after the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

Another real example of how big brands act in an emergency was in the earthquake that occurred in Mexico on September 19 this year, big brands like Telcel, AT&T and Movistar launched a statement on their social networks, notifying people that they could call, send messages and use data without cost. Long before companies issued an official press release, the information reached users through social networks. Even civilians also removed the passwords from their WiFi network and shared the information so that anyone could have access to the Internet and notify their family and friends that they were well.

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