Creativity, content and design, three keys to a digital marketing strategy

Marketing focuses on establishing, developing and maintaining ongoing relationships between buyer and seller as a source of mutual benefits for the parties.

The concept of creativity based on marketing is synonymous with innovation; having concrete ideas, well developed and structured, will take you to bigger areas in respect to the competition.

Creativity: When we read the word creativity, we talk about producing something out of nothing, according to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, creativity is defined as the “ability to create”, but this is not born out of nothing. If you strengthen your knowledge based on what you want to project, ideas will arise spontaneously.

Content: Surely you have already heard or read the phrase that content trumps all, and without a doubt this is correct, without a well structured content, that is able to capture the audience with just one line, your ideas will fade away. A short but precise text, which provides a data of interest to the reader is all you need to make the audience faithful to your publications.

Design: this key is the visual hook so that the reader can observe your content. The image is the first visual tool of your digital marketing, a good design has to have:

  • A point of interest, this is the most important area that attracts the attention of the viewer. Therefore, it must be carefully designed and located psychologically, is sought to locate in the upper right, since visually there is attracted the view automatically.
  • Colors that at first impression can attract the view of the viewer and that are appropriate to the selected theme.
  • An ethically well organized structure and visual identity
  • A short and precise title, so that the content of the one to be treated in the description of the publication is made known

At YAGU Group we use these tools according to the needs of each client, helping, innovating and strengthening your digital marketing strategy and always at the forefront of the updates. That is why the management of your social networks always has to be done by a team of experts to help you position your brand.

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