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Black Friday is on November 25, a worldwide event that you can not forget about if you have a local business. Cyber ​​Monday is the Monday following Black Friday and companies created it to persuade people who had not been able to take advantage of Black Friday to make purchases online. This year, Christmas shopping […]

A Marketing Plan is a plan that serves as a tool to raise the marketing strategies of a company, business or person, defining its objectives, target customer, its value proposition and its business model. The biggest mistake that a company’s marketing managers make when entering social networks is not giving it the same value as […]

In digital marketing, content is very important, but you also have to consider the design, because an image says more than a thousand words. The design of images for social networks should convey a message with objectivity, no doubt of interpretation, clear and attractive. Digital graphic design involves a process of visual communication that consists […]

Developing a personal brand consists of identifying and communicating the characteristics that make it stand out, be relevant, different and visible in a competitive and changing environment. A personal brand is a job that requires effort, patience, dedication but above all, requires specific and concrete strategies that lead, in an organic way, to the viralization […]

Every social network strategy needs to be clear about the objectives. Without clear objectives, you simply can not advanced. You need to look carefully at the needs of your brand or business and decide how social networks will help meet those needs so you can work around that. Identify your potential customers and make the […]

Facebook remains the most influential social network in the last few years. Preferred by its audience and the most competitive in the market, not only because of its powerful reach in terms of business, but its constant innovation and its positive changing platform. The social network launched the application called ‘LifeStage‘, apparently intended exclusively for […]

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