Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, what is it, and what marketing strategy should you apply?

Black Friday is on November 25, a worldwide event that you can not forget about if you have a local business. Cyber ​​Monday is the Monday following Black Friday and companies created it to persuade people who had not been able to take advantage of Black Friday to make purchases online.

This year, Christmas shopping opens with great discounts both in small shops and in large shopping centers around the world. Businesses launch a strategy of advertising based on offers a few days before Black Friday, this draws the attention of people and thus gain audience for the long-awaited day.

  • Change the advertising every day: Whatever you sell, you should advertise something different every day, for example, display a new offer each day.
  • Use different techniques: Big discounts are expected for Black Friday but not only a discount in price, you can also improve purchasing conditions, for example, “Free Shipping”. You can also offer products that are not available for the rest of the year, limited editions of a product or make a special service for this day.
  • Use your website: Your website is the perfect environment to get the attention of your customers and collect their interest, also if you use remarketing techniques you can make a more effective advertising in google.
  • Use social networks to the fullest: Show your ads on Facebook, instagram, Twitter or other social networks. On Facebook you can create audiences that resemble people because of their interests or their actions on social networks.
  • Do not remove your landing page after Cyber ​​Monday: If you create a permanent landing page for Black Friday, you will accumulate SEO throughout the year and you will be in the top positions during the key dates. Of course, make sure that the content is relevant at all times.

Your marketing strategy for these dates, should be exploited to the maximum. That’s why it’s always good to have a team of experts to help you create a digital marketing strategy where the competition is definitely behind. In YAGU Group we have professionals in the area of ​​design, content, advertising and more who will do an excellent job, to position themselves in social networks.

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