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Today, social networking sites are at the center of countless digital marketing strategies. Their power to influence and connect with consumers is undeniable, making it a must for any successful business in the 21st century. At YAGU we are committed to moving forward in the digital era by offering social media marketing services that are [...]
In addition to having a strong marketing strategy, it is paramount to put your messaging in the right media to reach the intended target in a successful way. Therefore, YAGU provides media planning and buying services to determine the right channels for your messages and acquire those spots in an effective way. Basically, our team [...]
With the undeniable growth and importance of digital media in today’s marketing landscape, it is no surprise that many experts think of mobile as the next big thing. At YAGU we agree, and want to offer you the latest technology to propel your business forward. A mobile app is a computer program designed to run [...]
Efficient branding is the key to strong, long-lasting marketing efforts. As such, branding is a marketing strategy that involves creating a differentiated name and image, in order to establish a presence in the consumer's mind and attract and keep customers. Therefore, at YAGU we build your marketing strategy around strong branding efforts that allow consumers [...]
At YAGU we understand the importance of visual elements to properly transmit your marketing messaging. Therefore, we provide an expert team of graphic designers ready to turn your ideas into amazing visuals that perfectly convey your brand image and identity. The services we offer include the effective application of type, space, image and color to [...]
Consumers are always looking for new ways to be engaged and entertained.  Therefore, at YAGU we offer all the services you need for effective video marketing. In other words, we offer to incorporate videos into your marketing campaigns, ranging from promotional clips and tutorials, to animations and institutional videos. Videos help add an additional dimension [...]
A strong, cohesive online presence is key to successful companies, and it all starts with the company’s website. Your website is the reflection of your company in the digital space. Therefore, it's importance is paramount in reaching and connecting with the millions of users in the online marketplace. At YAGU we want to help you [...]
Lead-generating campaigns aim to attract consumer interest or inquiry, in order to get them to register for a company’s database. Building a comprehensive database with consumer information is very important for companies for an array of different reasons. At YAGU we want you to take advantage of this feature to further optimize and maximize the [...]
The exponential growth of social media has given way to a new form of advertising. Influencer Marketing is based on the premise that consumers are growing skeptical of corporations, and now rely on each other for trusted advice. Therefore, marketers are tapping into the social media personalities or “influencers” that have managed to build a [...]
Spent on social media ads is becoming one of the fastest growing in the industry. In fact, it is well-known that investment in this medium tends to be rewarding, not only to generate leads/sales, but to increase consumer engagement and build strong relationships. Social media ads are particularly easy to use and very flexible to [...]
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